Useful information

Things to take with you

Driving license
Insurance (Green Card or equivalent)
Vehicle Registration Document.
Medical Form E111 or new "card"
Spare bulbs for vehicle (Compulsary in France
Nationality plate (GB), unless incorporated in Number plate.
Fire extinguisher
First aid kit
Warning Triangle
High Visability Jackets, 1 for each person on board. (in case of breakdown on Motorway)
Small "spares" kit

If your 4x4 runs on LPG, do not forget to bring your adaptor with you

Also check your holiday insurance

N.B. please note that "stick-on" Number plates are not acceptable to the French police, unless they are on a Vertical surface.

Helmets and daytime driving lights are compulsory for motorcycles.
It is acompulsary for all vehicles to use headlights in poor visability or heavy rain.

Speed limits

Toll Motorways in dry conditions--------------.--130kph/80mph
Toll Motorways in wet conditions----------------110kph/70mph
Non-Toll Motorways----------------------------------110kph/70mph
and dual carriageways
Other roads------------------------------------------------90kph/55mph
Built up areas---------------------------------------------50kph/30mph

Please note that the speed limit for a "built up" area starts at the Town/village name sign, and ends at the sign with a red line across it as you leave, and is 50kph unless otherwise signed.


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