Experienced Greenlaners

For the more experienced or better equipped off-roaders we have a good selection of routes for the tours.

The Northern tours are enjoyable, but the lanes, except in bad winters, or after prolonged rainfall, are not challenging for the experienced greenlaners. There is beautiful scenery, and miles of green lanes for you to drive and you can enjoy a weekend of interesting lanes, and see a lot of the history of the Battle of Cambrai and follow some of the lanes used by the first tanks in this battle.

As the lanes in the north are used by the farmers to access their fields, they are maintained after each winter, and so in general never get into too bad a condition.

For the experienced greenlaner who is looking for something more challenging than the Northern Tours, then our Massif Central tours will be ideal for you.
Based at Villeneuve d'Allier, the lanes climb through the steeply wooded sides of the valley on rock and mud tracks. The degree of difficulty obviously depends on the weather.

We will be operating 2 different types of tours in the Massif Central. There will be some tours which can be done by a moderately experienced driver and others which are more challenging, but on all under body protection would be advisable as over the years erosion caused by much higher than normal rainfall has made most of the lanes very rocky.

Whilst a winch is not essential for the more experienced Massif tours, (our vehicles are winch equipped) they could be useful in wet weather. Please contact us for any further information you may want.

Below are some photos showing the sort of lanes we use.

If you would like to come as a group or a Club, please contact us and let us know your requirements, and we will arrange a tour to suit. There are so many different lanes we can organise a club week.


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