4x4 Vehicles on the tours

Is my 4x4 suitable?

Many people ask if their 4x4s are suitable for use on our Northern Tours.

The answer is Yes.

All 4x4's are competent vehicles, and the lanes which use are all public highways, and as such are maintained to a certain degree.

Over the last 7 years we have had most makes of 4x4s out on our
Northern Tours from a 1956 Land Rover Series 1, to a new Range RoverVogue Autobiography, and Toyota LC5.
All have performed well, even the ones who came on Road tyres in Winter. The worst that can happen is getting stuck in a bit of mud, and if this happens we will pull you out.
There is minimal risk of damage, as there are very few fences or walls anywhere near the tracks, and the worst you would normally risk, would be a few bramble scratchs, and even these sections can be by-passed if you wish.
Many of our guests have not used their 4x4s on Green lanes before, and many partners have tried driving the lanes for the first time here, and all have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Although we will not "teach" you, we will give advise and useful tips.

On our Massif Central Tours the conditions are rather different. The lanes here are much wilder, and it is almost impossible to avoid bramble scratches, as many of the lanes are in forests and are overgrown in places.

Any 4x4 with a transfer box (high-low ratios) is capable of travelling these lanes, and obviously if anyone gets stuck, we will tow them out. We would recommend that a good towing point is fitted to the vehicle, and a steering guard and differential guard are fitted as the tracks are narrow and rocky.

The last few years have seen unusually heavy rainfall in the Massif Central have led to heavy erosion of many of the lanes and tracks we use which has made them much more challenging.
Any moderately prepared 4x4, with steering and transmission protection will can safely use these lanes, and you'll really enjoy both the challenge and the outstanding scenery.


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